Endoscopic Browplasty (Brow Lift)


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Dr. Douglas Stevens Brow LiftThe eyes when bright and open add a youthful, energetic look to the overall appearance.  Whenever Dr. Stevens hears people say that they look tired all the time he thinks of the area around the eyes.  To address these issues we must remember what is considered youthful and pretty in this area – the eyebrows up high and arching, the upper lids without excess skin and the lower lids without bulging or wrinkles.  All of this must be addressed without any distortion of the eyelids and without overdoing the brows resulting in a startled or surprised look.

The Brow:

Dr. Stevens has enjoyed looking at and appreciating the variations that exist in the eyebrows of models.  If you look through the magazines you will see some models with relatively flat brows just above the orbital rim while others have the more classic high arching brow that is associated with beauty and youth.  You might also notice the asymmetry that exists in many individuals – one brow flatter and lower than the other.  Thus, the brows are very individual and we want to maintain that individuality while elevating the brows into the position they once held.  Dr. Stevens prefers to do this with the minimal incision endoscopic technique.  The incisions are so small and behind the hairline that it is hard to find them.  There is no need for any alteration of hairstyle because there is in essence nothing to cover up.  Healing is fast because there isn’t that much to heal in the first place.  The procedure has very limited risks to it and can be performed in about one hour either under local anesthesia in the office or under intravenous sedation in the outpatient surgical center.  Most people can go back to work or play in 3-7 days.  The end result is a more open, youthful appearance to the eyes.

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