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Meet the Staff

Tara Luther

Tara has worked for Dr. Stevens since 2005. She works remotely from South Carolina. She is married and has 2 beautiful children.  She home schools and enjoys photography.

Denise Beckler, CMA

Denise is a certified Medical Assistant.  She has been with Dr. Stevens since he came to Fort Myers in 1997.  She received her training in the United States Navy and has over 30 years experience in facial cosmetic surgery.  She is married with 2 daughters and is the proud grandmother to 3 beautiful grandchildren.  She is very active in her church and community.

Amy Powers

Amy has proudly worked for Dr. Stevens since 1998. She handles the day to day operations in the front office. She has lived in Fort Myers for over 35 years.  Amy is married and has three beautiful children.  She enjoys football and is a cheerleader at heart.  Her motto is, “I find joy in something everyday.”

Melinda Carroll

Melinda Carroll is a Medical Assistant and Certified Phlebotomy Technician. She has been with Dr. Stevens since 2015. Melinda has over 10 years experience with a background in dermatology, facial cosmetic surgery, as well as plastic and reconstructive surgery. She resides in Fort Myers with her children and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences. Melinda enjoys spending time at the Baseball Field, Swim Meets and the beach with her children.

Paula Campbell, Medical Aesthetician, CCE CME

Paula is a licensed Medical Aesthetician and Laser Technician.  She has been with Dr Stevens since 2016 and been in the Spa business for over 20 years.  She moved from Wisconsin to Florida 12 years ago.  She has 3 children, 1 granddaughter and 1 granddog.  Paula’s  passion is riding her Harley and she loves to raise money for charities.  She loves  helping people feel relaxed and beautiful when they come see her. 

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