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Elise Adelman - Accredited Medical Aesthetician

Elise Adelman - Accredited Medical AestheticianElise's great gift is the ability to relate to her patients. She is an exceptionally good listener. "I will tailor your care to meet your individual goals. By providing clinically proven therapies, I am committed to reflect your vision of who you are and help you realize that vision."

Elise Adelman, Accredited Medical Aesthetician and Licensed Cosmetologist grew up in West Nyack, New York. She has practiced in the Midwest for nearly twenty years.

Elise brings vast experience in the field of aesthetics and is a skin care expert. She is highly skilled in "state of the art" aesthetics, non surgical enhancements and lasers technology. In 1999, she earned her medical Aesthetician accreditation from Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Elise was the manager of medical aesthetics' skin care in the hospital's, "Center for Cosmetic Care" in Edina, Minnesota, prior to relocation to South West Florida.

Elise has appeared on CBS and NBC networks as a spokesperson in the field of her expertise of facial aesthetics. She is a national educator performing seminars for "leading edge" aesthetic medical equipment. Elise is also an award winning make- up and camouflage artist.

She has owned and operated multiple successful skin care businesses including a day spa.

Elise has lived in SW Florida for 9 years, specializing in Advanced Photorejuvention, IPL, Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels, and pre and post surgical therapies.

"Elise only offers treatments that actually change the physiology of your skin."

A personal skin analysis and education about your optimum enhancements and treatments options.

Advanced Photorejuvenation
Our specialty; advanced light source procedure with no down time. Deep collagen tightening that softens lines and wrinkles; especially effective for eye tightening and treating around the mouth.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)
This non-invasive light source therapy eliminated or reduced dark spots, redness and improves tome and texture.

Multi Layer Peels
All depth peels that can eliminate unwanted pigmented areas, sun damage and refreshes the skin.

Physician's Grade Microdermabrasion
Exfoliation treatment generating new collagen production, softens fine lines, scarring, lightens hyperpigmentation, promotes anti-aging and helps improve sun-damaged skin.

Around the World
The newest revolutionary procedure that can do it all in one session with no downtime.

TLC (tender loving care)
Pre/Post operative therapy that can maximize and prolong the benefits of your rejuvenation.