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Cheek Augmentation: The Long-term Benefits

Posted on Friday, October 7th, 2016 by Douglas M. Stevens, MD

Rounded and well-defined cheeks have been a sign of beauty and youth for centuries. As we grow older, our faces become thinner and lose fat, which means our cheeks sag and can appear to be sunken in.

In the long-term, cheek augmentation can help you look younger and keep your cheeks perky and round. Find out more about the long-term benefits of cheek augmentation and how our practice can help you.

How Can Cheek Augmentation Help Me?

There are many long-term benefits of cheek augmentation, but many of those benefits depend on which type of cheek augmentation you choose.

The option with the best long-term benefits is the bellafill procedure. This process injects a filler into your cheek to give you that plumper, fuller look you’ve always wanted. Cheek augmentation procedures with bellafills can be done in the office, which makes them less invasive and less of a hassle for you. If you’re getting a facelift already, then this procedure can be done without making any additional incisions during the facelift.

In most cases, this procedure lasts longer than most types of cheek augmentation. Most bellafills will last in your cheeks for about five years.

Cheek implants also create fuller cheeks that are more permanent. These silicone implants can add volume and create this fantastic lifting effect on your cheeks. They also slow down bone aging in your cheeks.

Who Should Get Cheek Augmentation?

Typically, we see patients with one or more of the following conditions:

– Flat cheeks or those lacking in definition
– Hollow in the temples or cheeks
– Lines and wrinkles on the cheeks
– Under-eye bags

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Cheek augmentation can give you long-lasting rounded cheeks. For more information on this procedure, contact Douglas M. Stevens at the Facial Plastic & Laser Center in Fort Myers at 239-481-9292 and schedule a consultation

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