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Facial Cosmetic Procedures for Men

Posted on Wednesday, March 26th, 2014 by Douglas M. Stevens, MD

Men traditionally make up about 15-20% of cosmetic practices. Certainly less than women, but men represent a growing and important part of our practice. Let’s face it – women are looking good and we have to stay up with them!

As men, we have different features than woman and any procedures that are performed should respect those differences. So the brows are okay to be flat and at the orbital rim rather than high and arching as is preferred for women. It is natural to have some extra upper lid skin for a man – in fact many of the outcomes we see from Hollywood that just don’t look right are because the surgery has not respected these differences. When I do cosmetic surgery of the upper lid for men, I purposely “leave a little behind”.

With respect to facelifts – typically men are interested in the neck area with less concern about jowls and the face. When we perform facelifts the incisions are modified to respect the beard area and the attention is maximal in the neck. Facial volumization is less of an issue in men than in woman but can still be helpful especially in the midface and the area of the lower eyelid.

Good skin care is just as important for men as it is for women. We encourage everyone to visit with our aesthetician, Elise Adelman, to get on a good skin care regimen.

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