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Facial Plastic Surgery for Men Continues to Rise in Popularity

Posted on Thursday, April 20th, 2017 by Douglas M. Stevens, MD

The reasons why more men are having facial plastic surgery are as unique as the men themselves. Many Baby Boomers have kept their bodies in good shape with exercise and an active lifestyle, and want their aging facial appearance to look similar. Other men want to restore a youthful appearance to stay competitive in today’s job market. Some want to address signs of stress and sleeplessness associated with parenthood.

Dr. Douglas Stevens, a facial plastic surgeon in Fort Myers, has noticed a significant uptick in requests for male plastic surgery at his practice. He enjoys working with male facial plastic surgery patients and helping them achieve their desired results. However, there are special considerations that Dr. Stevens takes into account when approaching surgical cases for men. 

Male facial skin is thicker and more vascular

A man’s facial skin is tougher to work with and has a richer blood supply than a woman’s skin, so it tends to bleed more. Men are at a higher risk of forming post-operative hematomas, or temporary collections of blood underneath the skin. Dr. Stevens takes special precautions during and after surgery to minimize these risks.

Facial hair patterns

A man’s beard and sideburns can affect the incision placement and the removal of skin. Dr. Stevens tries to avoid pulling hair-bearing skin on the upper neck or sideburns behind the ears, or else the patient must shave those areas. Also, aging men may have balding or thinning hair that doesn’t hide facelift incisions as well, something Dr. Stevens considers when planning out the incisions.

Scarring is difficult to hide

Women that heal from facial surgery can conceal scarring and bruising underneath makeup, a long hairstyle or even a scarf, whereas men often don’t like those options. Sometimes the hair in their beard can conceal post-surgical pinkness, but there are other strategies that Dr. Stevens can use to avoid noticeable post-operative symptoms.

Certain techniques can “feminize” the facial features

Dr. Stevens understands the differences between what looks attractive on a man and a woman. When performing male facial surgery, he avoids techniques that can lead to feminine-looking features.

For example, men tend to want a chin with good projection and a well-defined jawline, whereas women prefer a softer and more elegant jawline. Men also typically desire a stronger nose than a woman. And, whereas women like a subtle arch to the brow, men’s brows naturally sit lower on the face.

Meet with Dr. Douglas Stevens

Men and women trust Dr. Douglas Stevens for natural-looking facial plastic surgery results. To schedule a consultation to meet Dr. Stevens and discuss your personal cosmetic needs, please call the Fort Myers Centre for Facial Plastic and Laser Surgery at 239-481-9292 today.

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