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Facial Plastic Treatments under Local Anesthesia

Posted on Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013 by Douglas M. Stevens, MD

Many fillers, lasers, and skin treatments are typically performed in the office, while surgical procedures have generally been performed in the operating room – until now!

Although anesthesia techniques and safety have improved greatly over the years, there is always additional expense as well as some risk associated with having sedation or general anesthesia. In addition to the surgical fee, the added expense typically consists of the anesthesia itself as well as the cost of an operating room at a surgical facility such as a certified ambulatory surgery center (ASC).

Many of the facial plastic procedures Douglas Stevens, MD performs under local anesthesia are held in our office, providing a comfortable and friendly setting.  Eyelids, facial laser resurfacing and even facelifts including our Active Lift® procedure can all be performed in the office with local anesthesia.  The advantages of local anesthesia are numerous, ranging from decreased risk to decreased expense without compromising results.  The large majority of Douglas Stevens, MD patients choose local anesthesia as an alternative to the general anesthesia option due to its benefits.

Douglas Stevens MD has performed well over 3,000 major local anesthesia facial cosmetic surgical procedures; many of these have been the Active Lift® in combination with facial laser resurfacing. Our ability to perform complete facial rejuvenation in the office under local anesthesia makes us quite exceptional and our patients are very happy with their experience, as well as their results.

To learn more about this exciting new movement, consider attending one of the bimonthly seminars or schedule your complimentary consultation at Please feel free to share your comments or questions below or send our helpful and friendly staff a private message.

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