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How Long Do Surgical Cosmetic Procedures Take?

Posted on Thursday, December 17th, 2015 by Douglas Stevens

face surgeryOne of the number one reasons the team here at Douglas Stevens M.D. started this blog was to answer questions for our patients and even just interested readers. So for this blog post, we thought we’d tackle the question that has several answers: “How long do surgical cosmetic procedures take?”

With this question, like we mentioned, there are multiple answers. Let’s jump right on in.

Surgical Cosmetic Procedures: There’s More Than One

That’s the short answer. There’s more than just one procedure, which seems to automatically signal most people to think about what all kinds of surgeries there are. Douglas Stevens M.D., for example, performs several surgical procedures: facelifts, brow lifts, eyelid lifts, rhinoplasty, advanced laser resurfacing, and facial volumization with BellaFill filler

The long answer is this: As these are all very different surgeries that have their own particular set of procedures to be performed, it’s safe to say that the time for each of them can vary. Some procedures don’t even require downtime and don’t affect your everyday routine. Regardless of which procedure you’re having done, our team highly suggests you take off of work on the day of your procedure, if it is surgical. Following that, our team will inform you what your recovery time will look like.

With appropriate recovery, you’ll be back to your normal routine in a week or two. If you attempt to rush this, the surgical procedure may not be effective.

In short, each surgical procedure that Dr. Stevens performs has its own very specific guidelines and time span. With his 20 years in facial plastic surgery,  having won multiple awards, you can guarantee that he will perform your surgery to the best of his ability and will inform you of the amount of recovery time you truly need.

Our team is ready  to answer any questions you may have! Like we mentioned earlier, our goal is to inform our patients of everything that lies ahead. Contact Dr. Stevens and his team at (239) 481-9292.

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