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How Much Will My Reconstructive Surgery Cost?

Posted on Sunday, November 22nd, 2015 by Douglas M. Stevens, MD

HOW MUCH WILL MY RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY COST?In terms of reconstructive surgery, any patient needs to know a few key things: the procedure itself, the expected outcome, and the cost. Wanting to know these details is understandable for anyone who is about to undergo this type of surgery. As such, the team at Douglas Stevens M.D. decided we’d clear some things up – ease your mind and answer some of your questions – regarding this type of surgery.

The Cost of Surgery

When it comes to this type of procedure, the fact of the matter is, there is not a specific price. Reconstructive surgery can be performed on various spots on the human body and can be done to various degrees (for example, is this a facial reconstruction? A cosmetic procedure?) Whatever the case may be, the cost isn’t one set price.

The dollar amount for this is more likely determined by your insurance coverage. Because reconstructive surgery is essentially putting the body part’s function back to its normal state, some of these surgeries are deemed medically necessary and are covered by health insurance. Check with your carrier up front – or have the team at Dr. Stevens’s office help you – to determine what kind of coverage you have.

Payment Plans Are an Option

Unfortunately, if your insurance doesn’t cover the cost of putting your body back to its normal function – no matter how medically necessary you the patient and our medical team feel it is – most physicians’ offices offer payment plans for the surgeries they perform.

At Douglas Stevens M.D., our goal is to truly reconstruct your body back to a normal state of being, one you are happy with. Whether that’s facial surgery after an accident or a rhinoplasty to correct both functional and cosmetic aspects of your nose, our team is ready to help you figure out a way – through insurance and payment plans – to get you the surgery you deserve at a cost that won’t break your pocketbook.

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