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How to Regain a Youthful and Energetic Look

Posted on Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013 by elite

The eyes are the focus of attention, the so-called “windows to the soul.” When the eyes are bright and open, they add a youthful, energetic look to the overall appearance. That is why so much concentration is placed on the appearance of the eyes, both by makeup artists as well as cosmetic surgeons.

We often hear our patients say that they look tired all the time, even when they are well rested.  This is almost always the result of hooding of the upper lids over the eye as well as laxity and bulging of the lower eyelid.  Correction of these areas can lead to a much more radiant, younger-looking, and pleasant appearance.

To address this issue, we look at the eyebrows, the upper lids and the lower lids. There are non-surgical, as well as surgical ways, to approach correcting the eyelids.  The purpose of a consultation is to determine if the brows are contributing to the problem or if removal of excess upper lid skin will be enough to brighten and open the eyes.  The lower lids present more options.  These options include laser tightening of the skin, lower lid blepharoplasty surgery, and soft Juvederm® filler to soften the depression or hollowing that is often present between the lower lid and the cheek.

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