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Introducing Active Lift®, Unique to Fort Myers

Posted on Tuesday, May 7th, 2013 by Douglas M. Stevens, MD

After receiving many requests from patients for a local anesthesia facelift, I wanted to develop a procedure that would meet their needs and desires.  With a more comfortable experience as well as optimal results in mind, Active Lift® was born.

The Active Lift®, a trademarked procedure, allows us to give our patients the long lasting rejuvenating effects of a facelift, but as an in-office procedure.  This is not a “mini” lift, but a full facelift. It can be performed along with eyelid surgery, laser resurfacing and a variety of other facial plastic surgery procedures (other than rhinoplasty). Performing these procedures in the office eliminates the need for the operating room as well as anesthesia, thereby decreasing risks and expense.

Please consider coming in for a consultation or attending one of our seminars where you can learn more about Active Lift® and our practice. Our website also offers a wealth of knowledge from cosmetic procedures to skin health and before and after examples. I encourage you to visit today.

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