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Qualities to Look for In a Bellafill Injector

Posted on Tuesday, October 17th, 2017 by Douglas Stevens

Bellafill has become an extremely popular cosmetic injectable because of how well it can reshape the face or refine the facial features. The results are almost immediate, reliable and reproducible.

However, Bellafill and other injectables require the artistry and skill of a talented injector. Here, Dr. Douglas Stevens shares some of the qualities that make someone a great Bellafill injector.


There’s no substitute for experience with Bellafill. An experienced injector has a comprehensive knowledge of the facial anatomy, an understanding of the changes associated with aging and a complete grasp of how to conservatively inject Bellafill to make subtle yet visible improvements to the facial appearance. This is the mark of someone that has injected patients for a long time and used a lot of Bellafill.

Great Chairside Manner

The best Bellafill injectors perform a medical evaluation and diagnosis of the problem(s) at hand before starting treatment. They may perform allergy testing to ensure the patient doesn’t react poorly to small amounts of the filler. When injecting, they work slowly using a little bit of filler at a time, explaining their injection strategy so patients understand what is happening at every point during treatment.

The Ability to Say “No”

Bellafill isn’t right for everyone. The best injectors know when to say “no” if they feel Bellafill isn’t appropriate for the case. They also know when to stop and avoid overfilling the face.

Before-and-After Photographs

Before-and-after images of an injector’s Bellafill patients can provide an idea of what they can accomplish. For a realistic idea of what Bellafill can do for you, try to find someone that resembles you in the “before” images and has a similar facial shape and features.


Satisfied patients usually aren’t shy about sharing their experience with a great injector in a testimonial. Look for patient testimonials on a Bellafill injector’s website and try to find common themes within the testimonials about the injector’s approach or chairside manner.

Meet Dr. Douglas Stevens

Dr. Stevens is proud to be named a Bella Diamond provider of Bellafill; he is in the top 1 percent of injectors nationwide. If you would like to meet with Dr. Stevens to discuss your Bellafill treatment options, please call or email our practice today.

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