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Realistic Recovery Time for Cosmetic Eye Surgery

Posted on Tuesday, March 21st, 2017 by Douglas Stevens

Recovery is one of the biggest concerns of Dr. Douglas Stevens’ Fort Myers eyelid surgery patients. Everyone wants to know how long they will need to take off from work and when they can resume socializing, exercising and other everyday activities.

Dr. Stevens thought it might be helpful to blog about the recovery from eyelid surgery and how long it typically takes. While the answer is not the same for everyone, Dr. Stevens hopes you find the information useful.

Every Patient Recovers Differently

Although the majority of eyelid surgery patients are back to work and their normal activities two weeks after surgery, recovery time varies by patient. Bruising and swelling can dissipate in as little as three to four days, or take upwards of two weeks, depending on the patient.

The rate at which someone recovers from eyelid surgery correlates to a few factors:

  • The individual’s anatomy: Some people simply recover at a faster rate than others, depending on their anatomical makeup and age.
  • Whether the patient smokes: Smokers tend to have longer healing times than non-smokers.
  • The techniques used in surgery: Choosing an experienced surgeon that uses certain techniques can cut down on the recovery time. Also, techniques that cause more bleeding during the procedure can lead to more bruising during recovery.
  • How well the patient follows recovery instructions: Patients are encouraged to rest, limit activities that dry the eyes (i.e., reading, watching television), keep their head elevated and ice the eye area. Patients that follow these instructions closely tend to heal quicker than patients that ignore the instructions.

It’s also important to point out that “recovery” means different things to different patients. Many are concerned with returning to work as soon as they feel ready, and don’t mind covering up any lingering bruising with concealer makeup. Others wait until all signs of bruising or swelling have completely dissipated to resume work and socializing. It depends on personal preference.

On average, Dr. Stevens recommends eyelid surgery patients take one to two weeks off from work to recover from cosmetic eye surgery. He sees every patient a few days after their procedure and can check healing progress at that time.

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