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How Rhinoplasty Can Change Your Life

Posted on Monday, December 18th, 2017 by elite

The rhinoplasty procedure is common among both men and women who want to alter the appearance of their nose. Sometimes an exaggerated bump on the bridge of your nose is affecting your face’s profile, while other times a crooked nose distracts from your face’s frontal appearance. In either case, a rhinoplasty can significantly refine and reshape your nose to attain a more congruent appearance.

Dr. Douglas Stevens is board certified in both facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and otolaryngology, so he receives many inquiries about rhinoplasty surgery at his facial plastic surgery practice in Fort Myers. In this post, Dr. Stevens discusses how rhinoplasty can change a patient’s life.

Develop a New Self-Image

Some potential rhinoplasty patients may have been teased about the shape of their nose in the past. Even years or decades after these incidents, emotional scars can remain that make a person feel self-conscious about how their nose looks.

Getting a rhinoplasty can feel like you’re leaving the past behind and getting a fresh start. You will no longer feel defined by how your nose looks. Instead, you’ll be able to just relax and be yourself.

Become a More Confident Person

You may have been shy about meeting new people or speaking up in front of large groups in the past, but no more. When people are looking at your face, you won’t have wonder if they are thinking about how your nose looks, so you can stay focused on being in the moment.

Increased confidence can take many forms, whether in your social or professional life. You may even feel more comfortable talking to people you’ve known for years because you are more relaxed and less anxious about your appearance.

Seek Out New Opportunities

Even your professional life can benefit after a rhinoplasty surgery. After all, confidence and a friendly attitude can pay off in any profession, leading to more opportunities to show off your abilities.

Once you take on a new self-image and become confident in your social interactions, a whole new world of possibilities could appear in both your personal and professional life.

See What Rhinoplasty Can Do For You

Take the first step toward a new you by visiting Fort Myers facial plastic surgeon Dr. Douglas Stevens for a rhinoplasty consultation. Schedule your appointment at Stevens Facial Plastic and Laser Center by emailing or calling (239) 481-9292 today.

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