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Sculptra® Treatment in Fort Myers

Posted on Tuesday, May 21st, 2013 by elite

When you hear of “liquid lifts” this often refers to the use of Sculptra® which is used to regain youthful volume to the face while improving the appearance of skin and providing some lift.  Sculptra® is different from typical “fillers” in that it is a substance that promotes your own body to respond by creating natural, new collagen giving you long lasting results. Patients can expect a smooth, gradual transition from the hollow look of aging to the fullness of youth. In other words, it creates subtle results over time leaving you with a natural-looking appearance that can last over two years.

I recommend Sculptra® treatments to my patients who need to add volume to the face in the temples, midface and cheek areas.  By adding volume and new collagen to these areas the facial envelope is lifting and the jawline and even the neck can be improved.  . Sculptra® treatments are performed in the office and are usually spaced about two months apart.  The gradual transformation keeps your Sculptra® treatments a secret that your friends will want to know.  Videos about Sculptra® including transformations, patient satisfaction and success stories, expert opinions as well as before-and-after images can be viewed online at

I invite you to attend one of our seminars in Fort Myers to hear more about Sculptra® or come in for a complimentary consultation.

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