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Sculptra® Treatment

Posted on Friday, January 24th, 2020 by Douglas Stevens

Along with the effects of gravity and loss of suspension of the facial structures, the loss of facial volume adds to the deflated, aged appearance of the face. Used by themselves or in conjunction with face lift procedures, volumization of the face with Sculptra® can return youthful fullness and support. Consider a balloon – when filled with air it’s “skin” is smooth and shiny. But when it is deflated the “skin” becomes wrinkled and dull. This is a simplistic but hopefully useful analogy.

I use these agents to provide fullness to areas of the face – usually the cheeks and the hollows just below the cheeks. This adds to the youthful shape of the face we are trying to achieve. In addition, the new volume supports the skin and provides for some elevation as the skin stretches over the new found fullness.

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