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Skin Rejuvenation Series: Light Source Therapy (IPL)

Posted on Monday, May 23rd, 2016 by elite

Douglas Stevens Light Source Therapy BlogWhen patients approach us about skin rejuvenation, there is a general curiosity of light source therapy. We often get questions regarding this type of procedure because it has been in the cosmetic therapies industry for quite some time, and many patients have seen it work for their friends and family.

At Douglas M. Stevens, MD we have adopted this technology and found it extremely positive. Because of this popularity, we decided to use this as our focus for this month’s skin rejuvenation series.

What is Light Source Therapy?

The main process of light source therapy involves the use of IPL. This acronym stands for Intense Pulsed Light. That is exactly what is sounds like: light is the source of the rejuvenation. Intense beams of light are directly applied to the skin area that needs the therapy. This process is absolutely non-invasive, and it doesn’t require you take a lot of time off of work to recover.

Additionally, this process is customizable. Depending on your needs as the patient, we can adjust the frequency and volume that is applied during the treatment. This translates directly to you getting a procedure that is tailored to you.

What Does IPL Address?

Consistently, the process of IPL targets sun damage, spider veins, unwanted skin blemishes, and many other unwanted tones or textures on the face. This is key for Fort Myers and surrounding area residents who are frequently subject to harsh sun damage.

Whatever your needs, let light source therapy address them. This proven method of rejuvenation is a long-standing rejuvenation technique on the market, and we stand behind its effects for our patients.

Adopt skin rejuvenation therapies into your routine, and you’ll begin seeing quickly how they can benefit you and your skin. Contact Douglas M. Stevens, M.D. and his team to help you regain the look you want: [phone].

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