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Using Winter in Fort Myers to Your Advantage: Get Beach Ready

Posted on Thursday, February 18th, 2016 by Douglas M. Stevens, MD

beach ready skinOne could argue that we’re lucky in Fort Myers: For most of the year we have warm, sunny weather; but unfortunately, we’re also still prey to the chilly winter months. For those winter months, you don’t have to go into hibernation mode. Instead, you can actually utilize these months to get you ready for the warmer ones. How does one become beach ready in just a short amount of time? Let’s discuss!

Non-Invasive Treatments

Non-invasive aesthetic procedures, like Ultherapy and JuvedermJuvederm, can be done within a day. These involve little to no downtime and provide similar results to those received from cosmetic surgery. These treatments are really what we suggest to the client who has a busy workday and doesn’t have time to slow down!

Weekend Rejuvenation

The team at Douglas M. Stevens, MD recognizes that some rejuvenation may take more than an hour; however, that doesn’t mean it has to take weeks or months. Consider a weekend laser facial for your rejuvenation treatment. This procedure yields great results in just a short amount of time. If we happen to have a particularly short winter, this weekend treatment is the perfect skin rejuvenation you need!

For More…

Contact us! Douglas M. Stevens, MD is happy to help and ready to answer questions on any procedure you’re interested in. Most importantly, we’re happy to help you utilize these Fort Myers winter months to get beach ready! [phone]


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