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Vertical Vector Deep Plane Facelift – an inspirational trip to New York

Posted on Thursday, February 12th, 2015 by Douglas Stevens

Early January 2015, I went to New York to spend a week with a surgeon whom I have been following for several years- Dr. Andrew Jacono. Andrew has written many articles, backed up with anatomic data discussing the merits of the vertical vector deep plane facelift. I have always liked his methodical and analytical approach to facial plastic surgery and had the chance to meet him and view his excellent results at the 2014 Vegas Cosmetic meeting. Dr. Jacono and his current fellow, Dr. Ryan Chastant, were very generous and over the week I was able to watch him perform this facelift on a variety of patients. The technique allows for a greater mobilization and vertical, tension free elevation of the facial structures (both SMAS and platysma muscle) that I believe yields a superior facelift result. In good hands, surgical time and healing are not significantly increased.

I performed a vertical vector facelift in the office under local anesthesia in mid January with very nice results and no additional recovery.

I had the benefit of performing over 200-300 facelifts per year early in my career. During that time, I found value in increasing the elevation of the deeper planes of the face. I want to thank Dr. Jacono for his generosity in sharing his technique which I have adopted in the evolution of my own facelift surgery. The technique is also applied to the Activelift® which I always emphasize is a facelift under local anesthesia and is unique only in the peri-operative care that is provided. This now includes the revolutionary MLS laser. This laser is from the wound healing and pain management literature and speeds recovery while reducing swelling and pain by increasing the activity of the cellular source of power – the mitochondria. The treatment is painless but when applied in six sessions after surgery or laser resurfacing dramatically reduced recovery time (pain, swelling, redness, and return of sensation). (This information is from a non-published study in whom I treated one side only following facelift and laser surgery).

There are always new advances in all fields – medicine and surgery are no different. If you have not been in for a while, please consider a consultation or call (239) 481-9292 to discuss the new innovations in non invasive and surgical facial rejuvenation of the face and neck. I look forward to helping you look your best again!

-Dr Stevens

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