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What is an Aesthetician?

Posted on Monday, May 9th, 2016 by Douglas M. Stevens, MD

laser treatmentIn our line of work, it is common for names and titles to get thrown around. Experience and titles definitely matter, but how much good do they do if the patient doesn’t know what they mean? Because of this fact, Douglas M. Stevens, M.D. and his team aim to keep patients and families completely informed. Before any procedure, we perform a consultation and thoroughly explain each person’s role in the process. Knowledge is power, and we firmly believe that.

In discussing various roles and figures in the cosmetic procedure industry, we wanted to spend this blog post discussing the work done by an aesthetician. An aesthetician aids in the non-surgical cosmetic procedures that bring rejuvenation to the patient’s skin and body.

Aestheticians: How They Work

When an aesthetician comes to you at a cosmetic procedure center, she or he brings the knowledge of accreditation and licensure to the process. The aesthetician’s job is to implement therapies that meet your specific needs, while having the technique and training to do so in a medically-acceptable practice. Ideally, the aesthetician has experience in all kinds of therapies and rejuvenation: pulse light therapy, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels to name a few.

The Difference Between an Aesthetician and a Cosmetic Surgeon

The key difference between an aesthetician and a cosmetic surgeon is within their titles. Both work on the aesthetics of the face and body, but a cosmetic surgeon can perform a surgery and an aesthetician cannot. The aesthetician really fills a need when a patient wants to achieve a youthful look, but is not interested in surgery nor downtime during recovery.

Aestheticians can perform:

  • Laser Facials
  • Fillers
  • Light Therapy

They cannot perform:

  • Face lift surgeries
  • Rhinoplasties
  • Blepharoplasties

The Right Person For Your Rejuvenation

Whenever you’re interested in a cosmetic procedure but are not sure which person to enlist for the job, it’s best to go to a facility that offers both professionals. Douglas M. Stevens, M.D. keeps aestheticians on staff for this exact purpose. That way, the client gets the best of both worlds.

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