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What To Know Before Undergoing Microblading

Posted on Thursday, October 22nd, 2020 by Douglas M. Stevens, MD
Microblading in Fort Myers

Maintaining a flattering eyebrow shape with waxing, tweezing or applying cosmetic products can be extremely time-consuming. If you are tired of daily brow upkeep, microblading is an enticing possibility. This popular form of semi-permanent makeup can give you the beautiful, effortless brows you desire.

Before you commit to scheduling a microblading session, be sure to do your research. This quick guide to microblading from Dr. Douglas Stevens is a great place to start.

Expect Two Appointments To Achieve the Results

During your first microblading appointment, you will discuss your desired brow appearance with your tattoo artist. Based on what you describe and your facial structure and features, the tattoo artist will create a template of your brow shape. After you approve the shape, the tattoo artist will deposit small amounts of pigment into your brow area using a fine blade with needles.

Approximately six to eight weeks after your initial microblading appointment, you will return for another appointment. At that time, the color and density of your brows can be adjusted as needed to perfect the results.

It Can Be Uncomfortable, But Not Painful

Numbing cream is applied to the brows prior to the procedure to prevent pain. Some patients describe mild discomfort during the appointment with some redness and slight swelling afterward.

Initially, Your Brows Will Look Darker Than Expected

Right after your first microblading appointment, the pigment of your brows will be darker than expected. Don’t be alarmed — this is completely normal. As your brows heal over the next few weeks, the color should lighten into a more natural shade.

It’s Not for Everyone

Microblading is not suitable for women who are pregnant or nursing. It is also not recommended for individuals who are prone to keloid scarring or have liver disease.

If you have recently waxed or spray tanned, you should postpone your microblading appointment for a few weeks. If you are prone to rashes or inflammation, you may want to ask a microblading provider to do a small “patch test” prior to treatment to see how your skin reacts.

Your Tattoo Artist Matters

Your safety and well-being comes first. You should only trust your microblading treatment to a licensed tattoo artist who adheres to the highest standards of safety.

Also, every tattoo artist has his or her own style. When selecting an artist, be sure to look through before-and-after photographs to ensure your style aligns with that of your artist.

Learn More About Microblading

To learn more about the microblading procedure and what is involved, please contact our practice today.

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