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What’s the Best Time to Have a Facelift?

Posted on Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018 by Douglas Stevens
Best Time for Facelift Surgery

As a trusted Fort Myers facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Douglas Stevens consults with facelift patients on a regular basis. Periodically, the question of whether there is an “ideal” time or age at which to have facelift has come up. The short answer is, no; there isn’t a singular perfect time to have facelift surgery.

Why Age Isn’t a Defining Factor

Age alone is not a good indicator of a person’s eligibility for facelift. Facelift is designed to minimize signs of aging in the face and neck. And every patient ages differently, based on a unique combination of factors such as genetics, amount of sun damage, environment and lifestyle habits. Two patients of the same age may appear to be years apart when compared side by side, depending on their genetics, how much time they spent in the sun, whether they smoke and more.

Determining the Timing for Facelift

So how do you know when the right time is for you to have facelift? The best way is to be evaluated by a qualified plastic surgeon.

In general, it is appropriate to pursue facelift when you meet the following criteria:

  • Your facial skin and tissues have become loose and saggy. Some mild to moderate signs of aging (i.e., wrinkles, creases) can be softened with non-surgical treatments like Botox or fillers. However, when the facial skin and tissues loosen and start to descend, non-surgical treatments are no longer appropriate and surgical correction with facelift becomes necessary.
  • You are in good health. You should be in good physical health at the time of facelift surgery, and not have any chronic medical issues (i.e., diabetes, autoimmune disorders) that could increase the risks of surgery or impair the healing process.
  • You can devote adequate time to recovery. You should plan to take at least one (more like two) weeks off from work, socializing and your normal routine to recover from surgery. Schedule your surgery for a time when you know you can “lay low” for a while.
  • You have reasonable expectations. During your facelift consultation, the plastic surgeon will want to know that you have reasonable expectations of improvement and do not desire perfection. If you expect to look half your age after surgery, you need to adjust those expectations and re-visit the idea of surgery at a later time.

If you feel, based on the aforementioned criteria, that it is a good time in your life to pursue facelift, you should consult with an experienced facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Stevens. Please call or email Stevens Facial Plastic & Laser Center today to make an appointment.

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