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Dr. Douglas Stevens Rhinoplasty NoseA Rhinoplasty (commonly referred to as a "Nose Job") is the procedure that reshapes the nose.  It is an especially challenging procedure because one must take into account the many forces that rotate and change the appearance as healing occurs.  Also, the functional nature of the nose (breathing, sense of smell) must also be taken into account.  My background in otolaryngology (ear, nose throat) surgery is very helpful in this regard.

My patients who see me in consultation for Rhinoplasty have usually been thinking about it for most of their lives.  It is an honor for me to be the physician chosen to help them when they finally decide to take action.

In my consultations I like to use an imaging system to determine what your concept of a nice looking nose really is.  I will speak with you at length to determine what aspects of your nose you wish to change and if and how that can be accomplished.  We will evaluate the projection of the chin, because it is not uncommon for the nose to appear large only due to a deficit of the chin.  Restoring this balance often is necessary to achieve overall facial harmony.  Only once we have a concept for the appearance you ultimately want and a plan to achieve that do we proceed.   Rhinoplasty is so individual that there really is no way to do it justice without evaluating your anatomy and desires.

I believe that Rhinoplasty should be performed in such a manner that adds rather than detracts from the support of the nose.  In this manner, the nose will resist the changes of aging and gravity and retain its form and function for many years to come.  In addition, my ENT training provides me with the ability to assess and treat functional nasal and sinus issues as well.

Rhinoplasty surgery is performed at an accredited surgical center under general anesthesia.

Please consider a consultation for rhinoplasty with me.  I will spend time with you and with the help of the imaging system we will determine the right procedure for you.

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