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Rhinoplasty in Fort Myers

Rhinoplasty Fort Myers

Rhinoplasty (cosmetic surgery of the nose) is the procedure that reshapes and refines the nose. In addition to the shape of the nose, Dr. Stevens’ background in otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat surgery) allows him to take into account the functional nature of the nose (breathing, sinus issues) at the same time.

During your Fort Myers rhinoplasty consultation, Dr. Stevens will use an imaging system to enhance your conversation with him and determine what aspects of your nose you wish to change and how that will be accomplished. Dr. Stevens will also evaluate your facial profile because it is not uncommon for the nose to appear large due to a deficit of chin projection. Restoring this balance is necessary to achieve overall facial harmony.

When Dr. Stevens has a firm concept of the appearance you wish to achieve he will recommend proceeding to surgery. Rhinoplasty surgery is performed with anesthesia at a certified ambulatory surgery center.

Rhinoplasty can correct:

  • Wide or poorly formed nasal tip
  • Hump or saddle of the nasal profile (dorsum)
  • Crooked nose

For most Fort Myers Rhinoplasty patients, the procedure typically takes 2 hours and is performed under general anesthesia. There may be a cast required to be worn for one week. Most patients then return to their normal lifestyle after the cast is removed.

How important is the preoperative analysis in rhinoplasty?

When a patient pursues a rhinoplasty, it is safe to say that the preoperative analysis is actually the most important part. This is the time in which the surgeon and the patient discuss the desired outcome of the surgery. Culturally and aesthetically, a rhinoplasty changes a person’s look, so this time is very valuable. The surgeon needs to fully understand the goals of the patient.

Additionally, the physician needs to assess the structural integrity of the nose, asking questions about prior procedures or injuries. This is a time of complete honesty. The surgeon needs no surprises.

What are the Risks and Limitations of Rhinoplasty?

As with any surgery, there are risks. There are risks that infection could take place. There are concerns that the patient may not heal properly. However, these scenarios are far from normal. Instead, it is safe to assume that with
appropriate recovery and healing time, the risks and limitations are minimal.

How can I prepare for rhinoplasty?

There are two main ways. First and foremost, prepare for the surgery by doing your research ahead of time. Find out what shape you’d like to see for yourself and ask what you don’t want to see. Secondly, be honest with the surgeon. He or she must know what the patient’s nose has been through. This includes everything from childhood injuries to adult sport accidents.

Rhinoplasty Recovery

In rhinoplasty recovery, a patient needs to very much follow the doctor’s orders. That often includes rest time, recovery and cleaning procedures, as well as medication schedules. It may seem overwhelming after the surgery to have a routine to follow, but this chore is minimal in everyday life.

Rhinoplasty Recovery Tips

For this recovery, we highly suggest some time off of work for your recovery. This means that you can be back to work in a short amount of time, often a week at most, if you give yourself ample time to heal. Additionally, we suggest you have a buddy around when you are recovering from a rhinoplasty. Often, you cannot drive, so a spouse, friend, or loved one is a necessity.

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