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What Recovery is Involved With a Facelift?

Posted on Friday, September 30th, 2016 by Douglas Stevens

Facelifts make the face look youthful and vibrant once more, but it is important to remember that this is a surgical procedure. This means that there will be some recovery time where you will need to get plenty of rest and take care of your bandages.

Before you schedule your facelift surgery, read more about the recovery time and what you can expect after a facelift.

Rest, but not bed rest

During the first few days after your surgery, you will see bruising and swelling on your face. This is completely normal, and it should peak by the third or fourth day. You may also feel fatigued and nauseous, but that’s probably from the medication more than the surgery.

You should feel good enough to get up and move around your house within a day or two after the surgery. It’s important to get the blood in your body flowing to improve circulation, so do some light housework or other low-key activities to get yourself moving.

You can continue to take any medications your doctor prescribed, and you should adhere to the care regimen your doctor gave you. Doing so will lead to a successful and speedy recovery. By the second and third weeks, you should see tremendous progress in your brushing and swelling.

How long does facelift recovery take?

To see the full results of your facelift, you will be waiting for about a year. This will give your body time to readjust and heal. Every procedure, however, is different so discuss your options with your surgeon before the surgery.

In the short term, recovery from the surgery takes only a few weeks. As noted, you should be on your feet again by the next day or two after surgery. From there, it’ll take another three to four weeks to see the swelling and bruising subside.

A good facelift can revitalize your look, but it does take time to recover after the surgery. If you want to know more, contact Douglas M. Stevens M.D. at the Facial Plastic & Laser Center in Fort Myers at 239-481-9292 and schedule a consultation today

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