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What Is the Best Eye Procedure for Your Age-related Concerns?

Posted on Friday, February 22nd, 2019 by elite
Best Eye Procedures for Your Age

We express so much emotion through our eyes, but unfortunately they often show signs of the aging process earlier than other areas of the face. As your eyes age, you may develop a perpetually tired, sad or angry facial expression — even if you regard yourself as rested, happy and youthful.

Plastic surgery can counteract these age-related concerns and help you reclaim an appearance that reflects how you feel on the inside. A board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Douglas Stevens can evaluate your anatomy, listen to your concerns and recommend the procedure best suited to your individual needs.

Upper Eyelid Surgery for Loose, Saggy Upper Eyelid Skin

Have your upper eyelids lost their youthful contours? Do you have loose eyelid skin that obscures your upper lashline? Is it harder to apply eye makeup because the skin is so lax?

If so, you could benefit from upper eyelid surgery, which removes excess upper eyelid skin and tightens the remaining skin to recreate naturally youthful-looking eyes. Upper eyelid surgery will “open up” your eyes so you have a refreshed and rested appearance.

Lower Eyelid Surgery for Sagging Lower Lids or Bags Underneath the Eyes

If your lower lids sag to reveal the whites of your eyes below the irises, or if you have developed puffy “bags” beneath your lower eyelids, lower eyelid surgery might be the best solution.

Lower eyelid surgery involves removing excess skin from the lower eyelids and removing or repositioning excess fat to create smoother, tighter-looking eyelids. Repositioning excess fat pads can also soften the transition between the lower lid area and the upper cheeks.

Brow Lift for Heavy, Drooping Brows and Forehead Wrinkles

Do your eyebrows sag lower than they used to, hooding your upper eyelids? Have you developed vertical creases between your eyebrows or wrinkle lines across your forehead? These problems can be corrected through brow lift.

Brow lift repositions the brows in a more youthful and alert position; it also smoothes the skin to soften creases between the eyebrows and along the forehead.

Speak With Dr. Stevens About Your Eye-Related Concerns

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Stevens to discuss your personal eye-related concerns and possible solutions to these problems, please contact our Fort Myers practice today.


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