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The Benefits of a Comfortable Setting for Cosmetic Procedures

Posted on Tuesday, April 9th, 2013 by Douglas Stevens

Cosmetic surgery is different from other surgeries because it represents a choice – often one that people have been thinking about for months or years before they take action.  The setting sets the tone for the procedure and the beginning of recovery.

Many cosmetic procedures take place in my office, but if anesthesia is required or desired I will perform the procedures at a certified ambulatory surgery center (ASC). Both the Gladiolus Surgery Center (the ASC of my choice) and my office are quiet, personal and private. Whichever facility you visit, you will find my staff to be very professional as well as friendly, interested in you and your ultimate safety and outcome.

There are physiologic reasons why a comfortable and reassuring setting is important as well. Stress leads to a decrease in peripheral blood flow as well as increased heart rate and blood pressure – and all of this is both medically and emotionally undesirable.  When you are not stressed your adrenaline level is low and, and as a result, your heart rate and blood pressure remain low. This leads to less bruising and swelling, a very favorable situation. Further, your body is also more prepared to begin the healing process as the blood flows freely to the skin and surrounding tissues.

It is important to be comfortable and confident in your surgeon and the environment in which your procedures are performed. If you would like more information on the benefits of our facilities and procedures, please schedule a complimentary consultation or join us for one our educational seminars.

Below you’ll find many of the procedures we now offer in a comfortable office setting:

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