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One of the three D’s of aging (descent, degradation of the skin and deflation or loss of volume) is treated very effectively with Bellafill®. By not just softening folds and grooves (like we have done for years with Perlane® and Restylane®) but actually adding volume back into the face including under the eyes and the cheek area we can improve the appearance of the skin by adding underlying support and actually reshape the face- changing from a more rectangular form consistent with aging to a more youthful heart shape. As the fullness is regained in the midface region, there is a nice lifting action along the jawline and even extending into the neck. Most exciting is the long duration of action – five years!

What is Bellafill®?

Bellafill® is a long lasting facial volumizer that has a long lasting five year effect. It is a combination of collagen and microspheres of PMMA which is a highly biocompatible polymer. The collagen is used to see an immediate effect and to uniformly spread out the microspheres. The microspheres induce a collagen matrix and it is this response that yields the uniquely long lasting result.

About the Bellafill® treatment routine

Typically at our first session we will take photos and discuss the volumization process with Bellafill®. A skin allergy test is placed and at four weeks we meet again to do the first session. The session lasts about thirty minutes and typically there is minimal or no bruising as a result – you may go back to regular activity immediately. Our second session is 8 weeks later to touch things up. Further sessions are typically at the patient’s discretion because he or she likes the results and wants to treat other areas.

The nice thing about Bellafill® is that the results are immediate and long lasting. The fact that the results are seen immediately allow for a very artistic volumization and shaping of the face that is not possible with some of the older means such as fat or Sculptra®.


Before and After Photos

If you have ever looked in the mirror and pulled up and back on your face we invite you to consult with Dr. Stevens. He will ensure you are confident and comfortable to take the next step towards your new youthful look.

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