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Mini Facelift in Fort Myers


Mini Facelift Fort MyersIf you are thinking about undergoing facelift surgery with Dr. Douglas Stevens, one of the decisions the two of you will have to make is whether you will have a full facelift or a modified version of facelift (sometimes referred to as a “mini” facelift or an “S-Lift”).

Traditional facelift is considered the gold standard of treatment for individuals with moderate to severe signs of aging. A traditional facelift procedure is performed through incisions created in the temples, extending down the hairline and around the ears.

Depending on your age, facial anatomy and the quality of your skin, you may see good results with a mini facelift. This procedure is similar to facelift with some key differences. The incisions are shorter, so there is less scarring. Also, the scope of the procedure is smaller.

Are You a Good Candidate for Mini Facelift?

Mini facelift might be suitable for you if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are younger (i.e., in your 40s or 50s) and starting to see mild to moderate lines, wrinkles and sagging skin in your lower face.
  • Your skin still has some degree of elasticity.
  • You need very little improved under your chin and on your neck (e.g., you do not have severe jowling or sagging skin).

If you have significantly saggy or stretched-out skin, little skin elasticity and you need a lot of improvements on your neck or under your chin, you may be better suited for full or traditional facelift.

The best way to determine what is best for you is to consult with an experienced facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Stevens, who has experience with both techniques. After a complete physical evaluation and a conversation about your needs and goals, Dr. Stevens can recommend which procedure is more likely to give you the results you want. He can show you before and after photographs so you can get a sense of what you will look like after your surgery.

What Does Mini Facelift Entail?

Mini Facelift Surgery Fort MyersMini facelift is performed in the office or in a surgery center setting. Our office uses local anesthesia and the surgery center uses sedation anesthesia so you do not feel any pain during surgery.

Your procedure will be tailored around your unique anatomy and personal goals. The procedure steps are based on what you hope to achieve from surgery.

To begin mini facelift, Dr. Stevens creates incisions along the hairline above each ear and in the natural folds around the ears. He separates the skin from the underlying structures, and lifts and tightens the structural tissues. Then, Dr. Stevens re-drapes the skin more tightly over the rejuvenated facial tissues. This results in a more youthful and pleasant expression.

The results of mini facelift can last up to 10 years. Mini facelift can be combined with other facial plastic surgery procedures such as eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) or brow lift for even more rejuvenating results. Since mini facelift only addresses the mid and lower portions of the face, procedures that target the eye areas can be very complementary.

Mini Facelift Fort MyersDr. Stevens is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon with ample training and experience helping patients achieve their cosmetic goals. Your consultation at our Fort Myers office will focus on your aesthetic concerns and health, including previous surgeries, medications, supplements, drug allergies and pre-existing medical conditions. Dr. Stevens will examine your face and discuss how your health may impact risk factors and your eligibility for procedures.

He may recommend the mini facelift if you have loose skin, significant wrinkles and fat accumulation in the lower face. However, the procedures patients are interested in aren’t always the ones that will help them reach their dream complexion. Dr. Stevens will recommend the best procedure to give you your desired results, which could be the facelift, mini facelift or a combination of face procedures.

Come to your consultation with a list of questions and be prepared to discuss the areas you’d like to improve with facial plastic surgery.

What Patients Have to Say About Their Results With Dr. Stevens

“I am so pleased and happy for the results of my face and neck lift. Dr. Stevens explained everything so well. He didn’t recommend things I didn’t need. He’s honest, confident and always happy. His staff are the best, very friendly and caring. I am so glad that I found Dr. Douglas Stevens.”

“Dr. Stevens and his staff were very professional and courteous. Dr. Stevens listened to what I felt needed to be done, and he made a few recommendations of his own. I really liked the fact that he did not try to oversell but was honest about [what] he thought would improve my appearance. [I] would definitely recommend his services.”

Procedures and Treatments That Complement Mini Facelift Results

Facial plastic surgeries are often combined for more facial rejuvenation and to address several cosmetic concerns in a single procedure. Most people with jowling and skin laxity in the lower face also have cosmetic concerns with the upper face, especially around the eyes and forehead. Eyelid surgery and brow lift are face procedures that complement mini facelift results. Cheek augmentation or facial fat grafting procedures can also improve results and provide a more youthful face shape.

Injectables, such as Botox or Bellafill, laser treatments and other non-surgical treatments can enhance mini facelift results.

Recovery From Mini Facelift

Mini-Facelift Fort MyersMini facelift is less invasive than the traditional rhytidectomy and offers a slightly faster recovery. Patients need a friend or family member to drive them home after the procedure and to stay with them for at least the first 24 hours to make sure their needs are met and they take medications as directed. Following post-operative instructions from Dr. Stevens is imperative to results and safety and can reduce the risk of complications.

You can expect swelling and bruising to go down dramatically after the first one to two weeks, and Dr. Stevens, board-certified facial plastic surgeon, may prescribe pain medicines to manage your comfort level the first few days after mini facelift. Over-the-counter medications may also be used to ease discomfort.

Most mini facelift patients return to work two weeks after their facial plastic surgery, but some may feel comfortable returning after one week and covering any remaining bruising with makeup. It can take up to a month for swelling to disappear completely. Our office recommends planning to undergo mini facelift and other procedures when you don’t have an important social or work event for at least eight weeks. That gives your face plenty of time to heal and adjust to a more youthful contour.

Contact our office to discuss any questions or concerns while you heal and attend follow-up appointments to ensure the best outcome after mini facelift.

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