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Our Patient Testimonials

During my research for a surgeon, I interviewed six different doctors. I knew this was something I couldn’t do unless I felt complete confidence in the doctor and I also wanted to feel comfortable with the whole process. I couldn’t make a decision…for whatever reason, until I met with Dr. Douglas Stevens and his fabulous staff. Everyone was so professional, so pleasant…but I think the thing that struck me to my core was the genuine caring for my well being and the “no pressure” feeling I got from day one. If truth be told… I really couldn’t imagine going through anything like a facelift! I kept thinking…”can I really do this?” Well, I scheduled the surgery and kept thinking…I can always cancel… Obviously, I went through with it and am so glad I did.

If you are thinking of this also, I would advise the following:

Have realistic expectations. By this I mean, if you are 60 years old… you will not look 30. What you WILL accomplish is being the best you can be at 60. For myself, I work out several time a week and feel fabulous… I only wanted to look as good as I feel… and I truly do.

I would, and have, trusted my life to these people and would do it again. I am a business person and have lived in Florida for fourteen years. I have done business with many professional people during that time, but could never shout the praises that I do for Dr. Douglas Stevens and his group. They truly follow you through the whole process…you are never alone. I remember Dr. Douglas Stevens giving me his home phone number and telling me to call him if I needed him. WHO DOES THAT THESE DAYS??

You have made a friend for life!

– C.S.

I recently had a facelift procedure performed by Dr. Douglas Stevens, MD. I am 100% satisfied with the amazing results. Following surgery I agreed to participate in a new laser treatment that could have the potential to hasten the healing and recovery process. It was used only on the right side of my face. After three consecutive, four minute treatments, I observed and felt a significant decrease in swelling, tenderness and discoloration. Without hesitation, I highly recommend using this laser procedure following surgery.

– P.J.

I’ve never written a fan letter to a doctor before, but here goes…the Active Lift procedure that I had was one of the wiser things I’ve ever done. I overheard a conversation in the waiting room at my eye doctor’s office concerning facelifts. The views expressed ranged from, “It’s too expensive” to, “I couldn’t stand the pain.” I simply couldn’t be silent as I’m still overjoyed at the results of my surgery. It was easy to refute both claims. The cost was extremely reasonable due to the convenience and simplicity of having the procedure done right in the office under local anesthesia. There was absolutely NO PAIN, before, during, or after! Believe me, I am no martyr and would be the first to whine if there had been.

I’d be happy to talk with anyone considering the Active Lift to allay any fears concerning discomfort. The medication used for relaxation plus the local anesthesia were totally enough to keep me feeling comfortable and at ease. There was no nausea or dizziness afterward. The surgery and recovery were a breeze and I was back shopping at the supermarket in just under a week.

I’m proud to share my experience with anyone who is considering the Active Lift. I love telling people my age and watching the surprised expressions. I’m grateful to have had such a positive result with such a caring doctor and staff. The professionalism and expertise contributed to a very joyful outcome. I can’t thank you enough!

– B.P.

My opinion is this: If you plan to do something to your face, see a doctor that specializes in the face. Dr. Stevens is a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon. I feel so confident in his expertise. On occasion I have been to see Dr. Stevens and he has actually advised me to hold off on treatment because I may not have needed anything at that time. Dr. Stevens is an excellent listener. Our conversations are attentive and compassionate. He is a conservative doctor and really works to enhance each individual’s own beauty. I have referred several of my friends to Dr. Stevens and they have all loved him, as I do.

– G.B.

Thank you so much for your kind spirit and gentle manner during my cosmetic procedures. I am very happy with the results. All of your staff was wonderful before, during, and after the procedures. I also appreciate your patience in answering all of my direct questions and willingness to make sure that I was well informed, as well as providing your cell and home number to be able to reach you any time.

Your expertise is very evident in the results I have achieved and I am so pleased that I chose you for my facial rejuvenation procedures. Your artistic eye, together with a conservative approach, has addressed many of my concerns, improved the symmetry of my face and has lead to results that look both natural and youthful.

– A.R.

At the age of sixty, I decided I was very unhappy with the obvious signs of aging. I had real concerns about having surgery but Dr. Stevens and his staff walked me through it. The results have exceeded my expectations! And to use an old cliche’, I really do have “a new lease on life!” With every appointment, I was treated with such compassion. The entire staff is invaluable. How wonderful, at this stage of life, to feel so renewed!

– D.A.

I have never done anything like laser before and my experience with the office was wonderful. They were very thorough in explaining the procedure and keeping me informed.

– D.K.

Thank you for the marvelous transformation that took place for me when I had facial surgery!  Words cannot express what it has done for my self-image and self-esteem.

– E.D.

Dr. Douglas Stevens made it (surgery) so easy with his kindness, patience and amazing ability to transform me into a more youthful woman.  He is so unassuming and modest, but I can brag about him… he is tops in his field!

– M.P.

Thank you so very much for your kindness, concern, and generosity – you are a very special person and an extraordinary physician.

– S.L.

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