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5 Myths about Sagging Skin

Posted on Thursday, December 13th, 2018 by Douglas Stevens

If you have recently undergone significant weight loss or if you are beginning to experience the effects of aging, you may have noticed the appearance of loose or sagging skin. A typical internet search will yield a number of articles that claim to fix sagging skin with just a few simple steps. These articles are filled with false information and loose skin myths. Let’s talk about five of the most common loose skin myths and discuss why they are inaccurate:

Myths about Sagging Skin

Myth 1: Weight loss will tighten and firm my skin. This is unfortunately not true. Sure, weight loss can lead to some firming. However, with weight loss, you’re taking away the fat that was filling that extra skin. As such, the fat has left the body but the excess skin has not. This phenomenon is a major motivator in why people who’ve lost a lot of weight tend to get a tummy tuck afterwards.

Myth 2: Sagging skin has a quick fix. This is not accurate. Sagging skin doesn’t take place overnight, and as such, it doesn’t go away overnight. Some sources will suggest using creams and moisturizers, but these fixes are only temporary. Cosmetic procedures tend to be the long-term fixes for this issue.

Myth 3: I can take a vitamin for my sagging skin. It’d be nice if it were this easy, right? Well, this is not true either. Sure, vitamins can help with elasticity and rejuvenation, but they cannot fix the problem outright.

Myth 4: Sagging skin is inevitable with age. No way! Sagging skin is not something you just have to deal with. With the right regiment, you don’t have to just accept sagging skin.

Myth 5: I have to live with sagging skin. So not true! Like we mentioned in the previous myth, sagging skin is not something you have to just deal with. There are options – surgical and even non-surgical – that can keep sagging skin far from your life and body.

Don’t Believe the Myths

The fact of the matter is this: regardless if you’re a patient, a blog reader, or just someone who stumbled across this page, you don’t have to believe the myths. Let the team at Douglas M. Stevens, MD debunk these false notions. Call us at 888-970-5131 to get real answers about sagging skin!

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