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Get a Skin Health Evaluation for Customized Treatments During Healthy Skin Month

Posted on Monday, November 20th, 2023 by Douglas M. Stevens, MD
Skin Analysis in Fort Myers

November is National Healthy Skin Month, as designated by the American Academy of Dermatology. Now is the perfect time to take stock of your skin health with a skin analysis at Stevens Facial Plastic & Laser Center. Our skin health consultation with VISIA® 3D offers education about your skin concerns and a customized treatment plan with procedures performed by a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon. Whether you have mild lines and wrinkles or are concerned about the toll of sun exposure throughout your life, the VISIA® Skin Analysis System can give you answers and help you understand your skin health.

What Is VISIA® 3D?

VISIA® 3D is a one-of-a-kind analysis system that lets us look under your skin to fully understand the damage caused by aging, sun exposure, smoking, and other factors. The skin analysis elevates our ability to provide customized skin care and cosmetic treatments. The module rotates around your face to capture high-resolution images while you sit comfortably. These photographs give our medical aesthetician and facial plastic surgeon an in-depth look at your skin, including what’s happening in the deeper skin tissues (dermis) under the surface layer (epidermis). We can examine wrinkles, pore size, redness, discoloration, UV spots, and even bacteria living on and under the skin. The VISIA® system counts those features and categorizes your skin compared to others in your age bracket.

What Does a Skin Analysis with VISIA® 3D Involve?

The VISIA® Skin Analysis System takes up-close images from various angles of your face. It’s best for you to arrive without makeup, but you may remove your makeup before the evaluation begins. Once the photos are captured, our medical aesthetician or facial plastic surgeon confirms the category for your skin color and other features.

The VISIA® software generates a mask to show the areas of your face with wrinkles, dark spots, texture irregularities, and other concerns. We can manipulate the photos to see skin issues closer. The VISIA® 3D system also captures ultraviolet (UV) spots that may not be visible on the skin but affect the deeper tissues. We can then create your personal treatment plan based on the information from your skin evaluation.

Your Personalized Treatment Plan with Skin Analysis

Your treatment plan is based on your VISIA® 3D results. We may recommend Bellafill® or Botox if you have volume loss or wrinkles, facelift for severe sagging skin, or laser treatment for redness and scarring. Another benefit of the VISIA® system is we can compare your skin before and after your treatment or procedure. For example, we can view the changes in the dermis after laser skin resurfacing.

Schedule your skin health consultation with VISIA® 3D at Stevens Facial Plastic & Laser Center in Fort Myers, Florida, by calling (239) 481-9292.

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