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Eyebrows: The Face Frame Solution

Posted on Tuesday, August 20th, 2013 by Douglas Stevens

Last month we took a look at the importance of the eyes, the focus of attention, and the so called “window to the soul” that results in so much attention placed on the appearance of the eyes both by makeup artists as well as cosmetic surgeons.  When the eyes and the surrounding area look tired, the overall appearance is duller, aged and undesirable. However, correction to this area leads to a more radiant, younger-looking and pleasant appearance.

As this tired appearance is usually the result of hooding of the upper lids over the eyes,  upper eyelid surgery is often enough to correct the situation. However, elevation of the brow is frequently necessary either alone or in addition to removal of extra upper lid skin.

The female brow should be positioned above the bony orbital rim with the maximum height at the junction of the medial 2/3rds of the brow with the lateral 1/3rd.  There is wide variety in the amount of arch that is considered normal and I would note there is often variation from one side to the other within the same individual.  All of these considerations are taken into account during our initial evaluation.

When elevation of the eyebrow is appropriate, I prefer the endoscopic technique.  Using an endoscope attached to a monitor, I am able to lift and elevate the forehead and secure it in its new elevated position through tiny 1/8 inch incisions behind the hairline.  Recovery and risks are very limited utilizing this technique.

If you feel this procedure might be right for you or would like to learn more about options available to you, please consider attending one of our educational seminars.  To see before and after images  or make a reservation  for your consultation, please visit our website at Let Dr. Stevens and his team rejuvenate and freshen up your look.

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