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Suneva Medical’s Bella Diamond Certificate: What This Means for Your Aesthetic Care

Posted on Monday, July 11th, 2016 by Douglas M. Stevens, MD

iStock_000019907862_ExtraSmallThe Fort Myers community recognizes the expertise at Douglas M. Stevens, M.D. There is no question. However, our team here at Douglas M. Stevens, M.D. sometimes wonder if our reach is beyond the area. A recent publication proves that to be true.

Douglas M. Stevens, M.D. has been awarded a rare status: he is one of Suneva Medical’s Bella Diamond’s top providers in the United States and Canada. This speaks volumes toward nationwide recognition for our business and our reputation.

The Suneva Medical’s Bella Diamond Status

Gaining this prestigious position within the Suneva Medical community is no small feat. Instead, it means that Douglas M. Stevens, M.D. has risen to the top 1% of providers providing Bellafill® in the medical aesthetics field. Day in and day out, Dr. Stevens has risen to the top through his dedication to his patients and continued knowledge base of facial fillers.

Suneva Medical aims to recognize practitioners that use these fillers in innovative ways that rejuvenate and renew patients’ looks. Aesthetic and dermatological development is what Suneva aims for, and so, this status recognition from them is a pretty big deal.

Douglas M. Stevens, M.D. – Expertise with Bellafill®

In using Bellafill® within his practice, Dr. Stevens gives patients options. They can now elect for a non-surgical and minimally-invasive approach to regain a youthful look. This filler – the only five year FDA-approved facial filler – gives men and women the freedom to get back to life as normal, ensuring that nothing can hold them back: not age nor recovery from surgery.

Dr. Stevens and the whole team at Douglas M. Stevens, M.D. Facial Plastic and Laser Center aim for excellence. Our expertise shines through in the patient care we provide. Amongst all of the chaos that comes with living in busy Fort Myers, we know that we can help our patients regain their best self. And now, all of the Suneva Medical community knows that too!

Contact our team at [phone] for Bellafill®: Suneva Medical’s premier rejuvenation filler. We’ve reached Diamond status, and you can do the same with us.


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